Changing my due date…again.

May 23, 2011 § 1 Comment

I had an OB appointment last week and I spoke with my doctor about my plans with not wanting to be induced. He kind of just looked at me for a second without saying anything and then decided to say “Okay, we’ll cross that bridge when you get a tad closer and see how uncomfortable you are.” I wasn’t expecting an award or even a pat on the shoulder for my decision with going full term in the dead of summer, but I really was looking forward to some encouraging words to point me in a positive direction because I obviously really wanted to go naturally, I was just looking for some encouragement. I was really disappointed.

Based on my LMP and my charting when we were trying to conceive, my due date is August 11th. I had an ultrasound at 18 weeks and the ultrasound tech said that she was measuring a week ahead. That would move my due date up to August 4th. I mentioned this again at my last dr visit and he said he was still going off my August 11th due date. He said at 18 weeks, it was really just to confirm the due date “period”. I was disappointed with this as well.

After playing with all this information in my head on the drive home, it got me thinking that maybe it’s a good thing he didn’t move my due date up. If I am still pregnant after August 4th, I’m not going to be terribly disappointed because technically I’m not due until the 11th. I’m now okay with the idea that I’m due on the later date and I’ll just continue to hope she comes a week  early. On her own :0)

So, I am officially 28 weeks and 4 days, due August 11th. YAY!


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  • Heather says:

    Mirabelle was suppose to be due (according to me) on Feb 4th, 2010, but the docs said she was measuring a week early too. So that’s where we got the Jan 30th, from. It was a crazy due date. It would have meant that we got pregnant 2 days after AF left that May…doesn’t seem possible. So when I was still prego on the 4th of Feb but being induced I didn’t mind one bit. I knew it was the right time for her.
    Just wear lots of skirts and tanktops and I’m sure you won’t be too hot this summer….hehe! (hopeful thinking for you!)

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