When I grow up…

May 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

I can still use this phrase right? I think you lose your right to say “when I grow up” when you turn 30. šŸ˜› Maybe even later, but I think 30 is a good age for me.

Sheye Rosemeyer

Barb Uil

I would literally give my left arm to be able to shoot and process like these two. Well, actually…if I gave up my left arm, it would make it pretty damn difficult to take pictures and edit…and type. So maybe I would give my left pinky toe…or right. I’m not picky.

They are my idles and inspiration. If they were a rock band, I would be their biggest fan. No question about it.

But since they are photographers, I sit and drool over their pictures and study them and their composition. Wishing and praying that I could one day be just as talented and successful as them. They both have workshops, which I would LOVE to take. But I may have to literally sell my whole left foot to be able to afford just one of them. One day. Maybe.

Oh, to dream!


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