$638.74 is the sale price…

May 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

IMO, much cheaper than some plastic surgery. Yet still a pretty large chunk of change. This is for the stroller that I have been drooling over since Feb of this year. It’s a double version of the stroller that I previously had and sold last week. (YAY!)  But why is it that since being without my stroller, I’ve wanted to go jogging, well, okay let’s be realistic here…waddling. Is it because I know I can’t and that’s why I had the urge to do it? Or was it the fact that I had gained 6 lbs in a month since my last doctors appointment? Who freakin’ knows.

What I do know though, is I will do everything in my power to not have a double chin. Sounds pretty vain you say? I don’t care. I refuse to have it and I am totally starting to see one forming on me!! EEEEP!!!! So I am dropping by REI today because they just got some in stock (via website in stock status). I figure the weather has been great and will hopefully continue in that direction. With it being bright so early in the morning, Hay wakes up around sunrise and doesn’t sleep (lately at least) until 8 pm. Plenty of time to fit a walk in once or twice a day. Maybe it will jump-start labor as I get closer, too.

OH, and to justify it even more, I’m canceling my gym membership which is $50 month (ridiculous with the stupid kid’s club)


My in-laws are moving tomorrow. To Mississippi. From our house. Yep. After 6 months of them living here. While I’m glad I’m getting my house back, I am also really sad they are leaving. They will be back out for the birth of baby #2 and then again in November for G’s brother’s wedding. But to think…I’ve had G’s mom (who I am very close to) home with me from 2:30pm every weekday until G got home… I really feel like I’m going to be so lonely now. So, this is another reason I’m justifying the jogger. This will give me something to do, rather than just wait around for G to come home around 7pm each night.

Anyhow, I pray Hay is having a better day today. I honestly don’t think it could get worse than yesterday. I’m not even going to blog about it because it was so horrific, I don’t need to re-live it again through this. Just know it was the second hardest day I’ve ever had with her.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a safe Memorial Weekend.



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