One busy mama!

June 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

Between chasing a toddler, trying to find my groove with the house being occupied by two fewer people (meaning less cleaning {yay} but also less help chasing the toddler) and being pregnant, I feel like this week is flying by! This past Memorial weekend, we BBQ-ed and relaxed. definitely what we, as a family needed. I didn’t realize how disconnected G and I had become since his parents had moved in with us 6 months ago. This weekend was all about getting back to us…without us really knowing it. I realized last night that we truly couldn’t be better than where we are now in our relationship. My love tank is currently full and I’m all giddy like when we first started dating again. :0)

Later today I have my doctor appoint which is occurring every two weeks now. Man, the $20 co-pays really start to add up once you think about it. Sure it’s only $40/mnth but I’m only in the doctor’s office for a total of 15 minutes…tops. It’s kinda ridiculous if you think about it. Ugh. Now I’m grumpy and I want to “forget” about my appointment today haha. I could be getting a nice massage for that price when you think about it…

Tomorrow is Hay’s EEG appointment to test if she is prone to having seizures. This will help rule out if her past “twitching” is actually Absence Seizures or if we need to look into other possible reasons. I feel like the diagnosis either way is a negative and I really don’t like thinking or talking about it. You hear of medical issues that kids have, but you never really think it will be your kid or you sitting in the doctor’s office trying to keep it together when the doctor is telling you he thinks your kid is having seizures. I keep reminding myself that there are plenty of moms out there receiving much more devastating news about their babies and I we are still blessed.

So, her appointment entails us keeping her awake late tonight and then waking her up early tomorrow and keeping her awake until we get to the appointment. We are hoping this will be enough to have her fall asleep on me, but I know my daughter and this isn’t going to happen. We will have to give her the hydro-chlorate (I believe) medication to sedate her. The nurse I spoke with on the phone said it’s completely harmless, so that’s reassuring. She will have wires hooked up to her head reading her brainwaves for two hours. I can already tell tomorrow is going to be a hard day… for all of us.

It’s a good thing we have Lake Havasu with some good friends to look forward to this weekend. I think it will be really good to get out of the house and do a mini family vacation.


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§ 2 Responses to One busy mama!

  • Heather says:

    Oh I didn’t know about Hay’s twitching! I am praying for you guys today!!! I really hope that it’s nothing serious, and I hope she’s able to go through the testing just fine. My thoughts are with you.

  • Midori Life says:

    Thank you Heather. ❤ I really didn't tell anyone :/ It makes me really sad to talk about it.

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